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Follower Influence Marketing Strategy

Follower Influence Marketing Strategy

I do not follow any of these people I have seen one or two of them online on certain social media platforms. What I notice about this type of marketing is that they are geared towards young people or young adults that use social media. Influencers advertise for big companies and are givenĀ  free stuff from them they advertise a specific brand or company and the company’s pay them money to bring in more business.


The role these influencers play in marketing is big they can bring in millions of views and viewers go and purchase whatever there advertising. Lots of consumers rely on social media referrals to chose the best product that interest them. The use of marketing perspective impacts the relationship between the company and consumer by showing that popular people also purchase their service or product and consumers should follow and do the same they want the consumers to trust their products as much as the influncer does.