Follower Influence Marketing Strategy

Follower Influence Marketing Strategy

I do not follow any of these people I have seen one or two of them online on certain social media platforms. What I notice about this type of marketing is that they are geared towards young people or young adults that use social media. Influencers advertise for big companies and are given  free stuff from them they advertise a specific brand or company and the company’s pay them money to bring in more business.


The role these influencers play in marketing is big they can bring in millions of views and viewers go and purchase whatever there advertising. Lots of consumers rely on social media referrals to chose the best product that interest them. The use of marketing perspective impacts the relationship between the company and consumer by showing that popular people also purchase their service or product and consumers should follow and do the same they want the consumers to trust their products as much as the influncer does.

4-2 Blog: Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

4-2 Blog: Effectively Impacting the Consumer Through Digital Media

Whirlpools Customer-Driven Social Media was successful in meeting the wants and needs of there target audience by getting their consumers involved, by sharing their experience about everyday care and values of their families, instead of seeing everything that is done as a chore. Whirlpool addressed this social experience by “leveraging a comprehensive paid, earned and owned media strategy that canvassed new broadcast media, digital media and social promotion” and in turn this was the most successful strategy that Whirlpool has seen in a while.

Whirlpools digital media followers where handled in a caring way. Encouraging visitors to contribute to the social media conversation by telling their story’s on the care they give, and receive, every day using their appliances.Whirlpools decision to get their consumers involved was very effective, in social presence and customer experience. I think that nothing should be changed about this approach, because it has been proven to be efficient and successful. Whirlpools current social media presence shows that they are active and engaging with their followers while listening to the consumers wants and needs to improve their service and products.

Digital Media platforms I use Daily


Facebook Digital Media Platform

The digital websites that I use most often are Facebook and YouTube. Facebook is a “social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with your family and friends online”. Facebook is used by millions of people all across the world, it is also used to reach potential customers for business and quick access to real time news and world events. Facebook is a very useful social site when you want to reach the general public or just friends and family that you don’t see very often.

   One concern about Facebook is privacy, Facebook has a lot of applications and games that share your personal information and most users are unaware of this. So it is very important to check your privacy so that applications don’t take advantage of having access to your personal information. But all in all Facebook is a great way to socialize and connected with people all around the world.


YouTube Media Platform

My other most used digital media platform  is YouTube,  YouTube is the most popular video sharing website online. This platform is used to share videos created by anyone that has a camera and internet access to upload their videos to millions of people worldwide.YouTube is also used to advertise and reach potential customers from any targeted group range. Big name company’s use YouTube to display their latest software upcoming products or whatever they choose to advertise. YouTube is one of the best ways to be seen and heard everyday and reach followers that are interested in the same thing share ideas and provide insist on different products or just share anything you want to the world.  

These two digital media platforms are just a couple that I decided to discuss today. There are lots more popular social media sites like Snap chat,Reddit,Instagram,Myspace and much more. But these are the ones that I use most and are very popular in social media today.